Harper Signals Continued Chinese Joint Sovereignty and Beijing’s

Use of Canada as a Base of Imperialistic Operations

© 2008 Brad Kempo B.A. LL.B.

Barrister & Solicitor

The day after calling the election the Prime Minister held a press conference and photo op in the backyard of a Chinese family in Richmond, British Columbia – Canada’s largest Chinese hub of western status quo maintenance and global expansionism. 


This approach to announcing his federal election bid for an extension of his political leadership of the country is foolhardy in the extreme because it sends the message his government is committed to four decades of Chinese political and economic influence in the country and advancing the global threat Chinada poses. 


Tories a safe choice for middle-class families: Harper

by Andrew Mayeda

The Gazette

September 8, 2008 


RICHMOND, B.C. - Stephen Harper offered a twist on classic kitchen-table politics Monday, trying to reassure middle-class voters the Conservatives will stay the course with their family-oriented policies, while reaching out to ethnic communities in suburban ridings.


In his second stop on the election campaign, Harper visited the picturesque home of Edwin and Fei Huang, a young Chinese-Canadian family whom the Conservatives said have benefited from government policies…




Prime Minister Stephen Harper kicks off his federal election campaign at the residence of Edwin Wang in Richmond, B.C., Monday morning. Picture left to right are Xinoau He, Fei Chen, her 14-month-old son Eric Wang and Harper.  Photograph by Sam Leung/Vancouver Province 



Conservative Party Leader Stephen Harper talks with the Huang family, father Edwin Huang, 14-month-old Eric, four-year-old Renee and mother Fei Chen, during a campaign photo-op at their home in Richmond, B.C., Monday Sept. 8, 2008. (Tom Hanson/The Canadian Press)


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